Every second, every thought is

consumed with you.

Its to the point where my friends think

I’m obsessed.

But don’t they realize it’s not an

obsession…it’s more like a saturation.

My mind is saturated with your every


It’s been 10 years and I can remember

every hug, every laugh,

every kiss, every tear.

I remember the first time we spoke.

U said hi and I just smiled.

From that moment on it’s like my brain

has been owned by you.

It’s saturated in your scent, your smile

Your jokes.

No wonder I take those no’s for yes.

Those “not today’s” for “I’m ready when

you are.”

Those “I’m dating someone else” for “I

only want you.”

What happens when something is

completely saturated?

How do you make it clean?

Make it brand new.

Even if you squeeze out that sponge…

there are still some remnants left over.

See, that’s the worst part. The remnants

of you.

The remnants of being the only one

you’ve even loved,

the remnants of being the one who

makes you smile,

the remnants of late night breathing on

the telephone.

Damn, what can I say?

This saturation seems to be something

I can’t get rid of.

My whole mind has been taken over by


and t’s obvious it’s gonna take more

than a squeeze.

10 years, it’s set in.

There is no changing that.

All I can do is try to ignore this

this thing…

try to fight off these feelings.

But sometimes, I wonder, if my mind is

the only one

that’s saturated.

Could u be afflicted with the same

problem as me?

Could u be playing this game to hide

your true feelings?

Man, see there it is again.

Always trying to see the possibility.

The promise.

But what else should I expect?

My mind is saturated with u so

it’s never easy to forget.

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