Does He Remind You of HIM?

Okay, every woman knows who “HIM” is. It’s the one that got away. He can be your first boyfriend, first love, or even your first crush. Whoever he is and for whatever reason you guys split, do you ever find yourself dating men that remind you of HIM? Whenever I see a guy or think I might be interested, I always find myself saying, “He does act like so and so,” or “He is funny like so and so.” Now, I don’t do this on purpose but I find it funny that if that person doesn’t make me think about HIM, then I am not interested. Most people would say well maybe you still have feelings for HIM, but I wouldn’t whole heartedly agree. In my case, it’s half and half. But I think for most women, we always remember that first one and if it leaves a good impression, we go searching for that feeling forever. What sucks is most the time, that feeling, can never be found again.

As I can only speak for myself, I find this to be somewhat of a challenge since HIM is still actively in my life. I look at other guys and immediately compare, which is doing nothing but shooting myself in the foot. For now, I don’t worry about it too much since I am enjoying the single life. But I think about years down the line when I am ready to start dating. Will all my relationships ultimately fail because I am holding them to a ridiculous standard? Or will I realize that HIM should no longer be HIM and keep it moving? Who knows? Only time will tell.

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