You Still Think That’s the Spot?

This post is coming after a crazy discussion I had with a friend a while back. Right after high school, we were “involved” and now 8 years later, he thinks those tired lines are going to get me to drop to my knees (lol excuse the pun). I really don’t understand why some guys think everything is the same. What turned me on in high school will have me looking at you with my arms crossed now. I have evolved. I’m not that timid 18 year old. Maybe this is why so many women don’t experience the big “O” because their partners are still performing like thy did when they first met. Like everything in the world, with time comes change. You have to change too. A kiss on the neck is not going to get it. Men, I recommend you sit down with some female friends and listen, really listen as hard as it may be, to what actually turns them on. Don’t think that your swag is all you need, because you and that swag will be lonely pretty soon. Learn what your girl likes and perfect it. My ex’s used to think I was crazy but I was always asking questions afterwards. Did that work for you? Was my leg up like that too much? Lol. Only I give interviews after sex, but it helped me to learn what they liked instead of guessing. You can’t rely on what you think is working because 9 times out of 10, it’s not. Different strokes, for different folks. And as you get older it changes as well.

Leave those high school moves in the past. Hopefully you are now dealing with a more mature woman and those lame tricks are not going to work. Sometimes I think it’s a macho thing when it comes to guys trying to learn new things. Y’all never want to ask for help or admit that you don’t know something. Trust me. It is okay to ask your woman what she likes and how she likes it. It will turn her on and have her wanting to please you as well as you have pleased her. We aren’t as complicated as you think. 🙂

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