Thong or Boy Shorts?

Okay now ladies, I know I am not the only one who goes through a series of questions when that gentleman caller has invited you over. The number one question is, is he inviting you over just to watch the game or will there be some hot and heavy action going on? For the sake of time, we will go with the latter of the options and say you are getting laid. The next question that comes to mind is what outfit do you wear? To some people, the clothes do not seem to matter since they will be coming off anyways, but for me it is essential. As most chefs say, you eat with your eyes and well let’s just say you might want to look nice so he can be extra hungry. Now, I’m not saying show up in the infamous “lingerie under the trench coat,” even though that definitely does work, but at least put some effort into it. You may think he’s not paying attention to every detail, but trust me, he is. Just like you notice the fact that he is wearing two different types of ankle socks, he will notice mistakes on you too. Not that he will care, but he will notice. Preparing to go over a man’s house is not as complicated as you think.

Step 1- Bathe/Lotion- pretty self-explanatory

And I mean bathe and lotion thoroughly. You never know what can happen and what new tricks he pulls out of his bag.

Step 2- Thong or Boy shorts?

Now, I personally say boy shorts because they make all most any booty look like DAMN! Whichever you pick think about how he will react when he sees it. If you have some dimples and bullet wounds, please stick to boy shorts. If you have a perfect Serena Williams’ then thongs can be an option.

Step 3- Make sure your bra and panties match

At least let them be the same color. No one wants to see a lime green bra and fuchsia panties, I’m just saying.

Step 4- Pick an outfit.

Either a dress or skirt is always perfect. Remember, you are there to have sex so you need to look sexy. Jeans are too laid back and shorts just scream hooch, unless you have the right cut. Make sure you show off all your assets. You want him to open the door and his jaw drops.

Step 5- Heels and heels only!

They can be as high as you want them. You won’t be in them long unless they ask you to keep them on :).

Now, ladies, I understand how frustrating it is to get all sexed up and then he opens the door in a t-shirt and sweat pants, but that’s a part of the game. Men only get dressed up when they are going out. And honestly, this look paired with some amazing cologne can be a extreme turn on. But as women, we should be on point, especially when it’s this type of event. You want to leave a lasting impression. Good sex begins with good foreplay. Good foreplay begins with extreme physical attraction. Remember, you eat with your eyes. 😉

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