Why I Believe Devon Still Should Not Be Paying Child Support


We all know the beautiful story of NFL player Devon Still and his daughter Leah. Leah, who has been fighting cancer, and her dad, who was cut from the Bengals because he was constantly with his daughter and not at football camp, but was later reinstated so that he would be able to keep his salary and his daughter would be insured, have been the talk of the NFL for months now. Well, now it seems that the mother of his child and ex, Channing Smythe, has hired lawyer, Gloria Allred, to take the case of him not paying child support. He is apparently 4 months behind and has said he will not pay her anything until they have their day in court. Now, those are the facts. Here is my opinion. Devon Still is, obviously, an amazing father. Channing does not even dispute this. He goes back and forth from Cincinnati to Delaware, where she lives, to see his daughter weekly. He is there for her at majority, if not all, of her hospital visits and surgeries. He has brought awareness and raised millions for pediatric cancer groups. WHY ARE YOU BEING SO PETTY???? This is coming from a single mother who has her kid’s fathers on child support. I vowed I would never put my kid’s fathers on child support if they were actively in their lives and making some type of financial effort. This man lost his job because he cared more about his daughter than his career. He was reinstated and her medical bills are covered. Let me say that again for the ones in the back. HER MEDICAL BILLS ARE COVERED!!!!!!!!!!!! What more do you need?

I am going to take it there and I could care less what anyone says or thinks. This woman is being petty and lazy. Yes, you are not able to work a normal job because your daughter needs full care. How about a work from home job? Hire a nurse to help you and work from home in the middle of the night while Leah is sleep. It’s not impossible. I am doing it in a room…A ROOM…with my two children. Just because you cannot get out and work a normal 9-5 does not mean you cannot bring income into your household to take care of your child. Channing continues to say that she has to go on food stamps to provide food for her child. And? If that is what you have to do, then that is what you have to do. This is the role of a parent. You sacrifice for your children. It is life. You don’t want it to be this way then YOU make it better. If you are unable to take care of this child the way that you claim you cannot then give him custody until you get back on your feet. Why has that not been brought up?

The issue that I am having is that I see it as Channing being a little bitter because Devon is engaged to a new woman and supposedly Channing is pregnant by a man who is not around in her life. -_- We as women have all been there and been hit by the bitter bug. Where you wanted to drag your ex through the mud no matter what! You cannot do this when a man is actually involved in your child’s life and is legitimately helping her. Yes, I know love does not pay the bills but dammit her medical bills are being covered and honestly, that is all I would care about. Do you know how many women are out here taking care of hospital bound children alone…on their own…no help financially…and they are still making it! Sometimes you have to stop with the damn pity party and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you know how lucky she is to have her child’s father in his daughter’s life? Willing to lose it all for her? And you are ready to get him fired over child support??? If he loses his job, who is going to pay those medical bills then?

This is not to say that child support is not important, because it is. But there are various ways to give child support. I do not believe in dumping everything on the man…especially doing it just because he makes a lot of money. Would Channing be doing this if Devon worked at McDonalds? Is this really about child support or is it about parent support? Because Leah is obviously being supported by her father, so who is this money really for? I would have more respect for Channing if she did this off the records and not in the media. Especially with the way the NFL is targeting African American players with any issue that comes along. If Devon gets negative attention, he will lose his job and who will suffer the most in the end? Leah. She is all that matters in this. The smile that comes across her face when she sees that man is worth more than any check should be. It’s sad that Channing doesn’t see this. It’s sad that a lot of these women don’t see this. Looking from my eyes, I would gladly give up my child support that I barely get for my boys to have a real connection with their father. To not have to go through bullshit every time you see them. For them to genuinely love their child. Channing you are truly misguided and I pray that you think about your daughter in this situation and not yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Why I Believe Devon Still Should Not Be Paying Child Support

  1. Chantah says:

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Hire a nurse? Who is going to pay for the nurse? Channing is anything but bitter as she is the one who ended the relationship. Since you don’t know the officials personally, your opinions should be kept to yourself. Bottom line, he is responsible to support his daughter, financially, physically and emotionally. Your speaking as if he’s doing something extra, this is is duty.


    • jclark13 says:

      I do know what I am talking about. Hiring a nurse is an option. Or even a nanny just to look after here. Also my opinion is what it is and this is my website therefore I do not need to keep it to myself. The bottom line is HE IS SUPPORTING HIS DAUGHTER FINANCIALLY! He’s paying for her medical bills. If he loses his job because she wants to complain about child support then how is her daughter going to get the treatment then? Who is going to pay for those thousands of dollars in medical bills. They should come to a common ground and work together instead of her demanding child support. He can offer to pay for a nurse or caregiver and that way she can work and take care of her daughter as well. The responsibility is not solely on him just because he makes more money. He is doing his duty as a father by being in her life and he is also helping financially by making sure that her medical expenses are covered. Period.


  2. Peach Bee says:

    I think the point of the problem is that she is trying to build a bankroll for herself and she is using him to do it–and he knows it. A lot of wealthy fathers pay child support AND medical bills, and the mother does little or nothing. That appears to be the lifestyle she wants and therefore Gloria Allred, perpetual ambulance-chaser, enters the picture. They are going to try to get as much money out of him as they can while Leah is alive. Sad but true. It was never about being a good mother or an independent woman who takes care of herself. It’s about getting while the getting is good.


  3. Denise says:

    And she’s STILL trying to milk Devon Still for his money. She has moved from Delaware to Philly, from Philly to Maryland & now to Florida…all in the past 2 years!! And why doesn’t her 2 year-old son’s father pay child support or help her with him? Devon Still is supporting her (Channing), Leah (his bio daughter) and the 2 year old boy, that ISN’T Devon’s. This woman didn’t even have the decency to take her daughter to the dentist for a cavity that got worse over time & didn’t TELL her father, who provides medical benefits for her about it. That poor baby was walking around with a cavity so bad that it her nerve was exposed and her father’s WIFE took her to the dentist right away when she was visiting them. Her priorities are still in the toilet. She wants support from Devon for her “lifestyle”. What lifestyle? Get a job & keep it. That’s what an adult does and mother’s take care of their children in spite of what they don’t have…it’s called love. I am really close to this situation and I attended the bridal shower & wedding of both Mr. & Mrs. Devon Still. They’re a lovely couple. I saw the love, up close & personal, that Asha has for Leah and vice versa. That MAN practically takes care of everyone in his family, his mother, his younger sister & his older brother. Channing just mad because things didn’t work out between her & Devon. She feels as though she’s owed a certain lifestyle because she has Leah. She hustled backwards in my opinion. How do you go from being with a good guy, who loves, cherishes & financially takes cares of your daughter together, to having a child by a guy who walked away from you during your pregnancy and still doesn’t take care of the baby you have? That’s backwards. So, it seems to trying to stick to the one FATHER who is constant, not only financially, but emotionally as well. That little girl loves her father and the tricks her mother is playing is at the expense of her little girl’s feelings.


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