That’s So Raven…The Ignorant Chronicles Continues

Sooo…Raven-Symone’ has already denounced her blackness with Oprah, insulted the younger generation by describing them as lazy, is magically from every continent inside of a continent, and now she wants you to know that she will not be hiring you if you have a somewhat adventurous name. Earlier today on The View, (why is this still a show?), Raven gave her opinion on being discriminatory against someone with an ethnic name. Take a look.

Excuse me??????? Nah… did she…(invisible bae has stormed out because he is fed up with her shit as well.) Did Raven-Symone’, with the ethnic name herself, just say she would be discriminatory against someone with a non standard name? So, basically you wouldn’t hire black people right? I mean, we all know what you are really saying Raven. Even Whoopi, who obviously wouldn’t get hired either, is appalled. How dare you? Did she not forget how she looks? You are not the standard at all! You’re a Black woman(I know you don’t think you are), who has a ghetto ass name(check the spelling and usage of the beloved accent mark), and you are a lesbian! Girl! You are not the norm! You are exactly what someone will discriminate against and yet, instead of standing up for those who have this issue, you joke and agree that you would do the same? This is the problem with society today. Let’s scale it back and not even look at it as a race thing. The biggest issue is the premature judging of someone over something as simple as a name. People are judged by things they have no control over, (name, race, sexuality), all the time and it is not a joking manner. We are trying to overcome these issues and yet, you are making it worse and pretty much riding the fence.

I really wanted to leave this alone because Raven seems to be getting her just desserts with now aging into a lovely old white woman since she claimed she didn’t want to be labeled as African American, but I cannot for the life of me understand this at all. How do you want everyone to be equal and say you are not discriminatory and yet, you say this? I need receipts…an explanation…something dear Raven because the shit is not adding up. You have the opportunity to use your status and platform to help others and instead you drag them through the mud. You are pathetic and ridiculous and just a waste of talent, honestly. I now understand why you were away from the spotlight for so long. I need you to go back under that rock so that we can all put this horrible year of your idiocy behind us. And a half ass apology is not needed either. Just stop talking period. I hope Watermelandrea comes and whoops your ass and then takes your job.

Video credit- @callmedollar via Twitter

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