Fyre Festival Sets Twitter Ablaze…But Not in a Good Way

Okay, so I woke up this morning and checked Twitter like I religiously do to make sure the world has not been destroyed. Donald Trump hasn’t completely screwed up so all looks well. Then I see a RT about Fyre Festival and some man begging for help. Putting on my FBI hat, I started to follow his tweets and finally found the hashtag for the festival. It seemed as if he was not the only one experiencing a rough break at this somewhat event. I saw videos of people being locked in a room, others of dingy looking tents on a dirty field, and some makeshift kitchen that looked like it was part of a jailhouse luncheon. At first, I wondered if this was some discriminatory event and was ready to throw on my Black Lives Matter shirt, but then I realized it was just a bunch of spoiled kids who got scammed by Ja Rule.

Turns out this expensive ass festival in the Bahamas was nothing short of a disaster. You can read more about the festival from one of the scammed here on Fader.

Now, unfortunately, this is hilarious to me. Why would you pay $12k for a damn festival??? Private island or not. Who is worth seeing for that weekend? Actually…let me back it up. WHY WOULD YOU BUY ANYTHING FROM JA RULE???? He is the last person I would expect to put up a good festival…let alone $12K worth. And I heard that the $12K didn’t even include VIP stuff…even Beyonce gives you some sort of VIP merch when you pay your coin to see her.

Looking at a few pics…I am still in tears at this “festival.”

These jokes literally write themselves. People are still supposedly stranded on planes to try to get back to Miami and back home. Few are still stuck at the festival. Listen…that’s what yall get for thinking Ja Rule…JA RULE!! was going to give you something luxurious. Instagram and website promotions don’t mean shit. Look at the history. Look at the actual person putting on the event. But hey, I guess it ain’t tricking if you got it.


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