Here, In The Garden…

Anyone remember the song, “Secret Garden”? Well, thanks to my mama playing it a million times while I was growing up… this is the only thing that pops into my head when I talk about my garden. Although my garden has nothing to do with the “garden” there were referring to, it is very much a happy place for me. I am new to gardening, but now that I had more space…I was ready to create my own.

Growing up, I always loved flowers. I remembered my Granny Goose would have a full jungle in her front yard before you reached her door and that was a goal for me. I love to be surrounded by flowers and the fact that you can grow your own food while creating a more oxygenated space was more than enough reason to have a house full of plants(inside and out). My main focus on this page is to just show you my progress and maybe inspire others to start planting on their own as well.

When I first decided to start the garden, I knew I wanted a raised bed. I honestly wanted one that I could just walk up too, but I couldn’t make the bed stand up properly. Never the less, this was my result.

Slowly, thing began to sprout. I was so excited! I used to think it was hype when people expressed how much their plants meant to them…but it is real! I would check on them at least three times a day. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I just had to see them.

My first tomato!!

A month later and here we are! I am still learning things as the days go by, but I am so proud of the progress. I am looking forward to replanting my herbs(which died while they were in the house) and also planting more flowers around to naturally propel bugs. I want to keep everything as natural as possible so no pesticides. My harvest should be at the end of June and July(for the ones who started as seeds). I will post more pics when everything starts to come in. If you or anyone you know is new to gardening, keep following for more inspiration! You can do this!!

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