The Mind of a Procrastinator pt. 1

All right…let’s get up and get Marlee together. What are we doing today? We need to get all the stuff done that involves using the laptop. Okay…so checking on Walmart orders, checking on Cayden’s school stuff, checking on Marlee’s paperwork. Wait…do I have a copy of the lease? Okay…I’ll look through the emails. Why is this girl trying to wear heels? Let me let her brush her teeth while I do her hair. Ugh I need to detangle

Her hair. Damn I need to buy another brush. I don’t feel like putting on clothes for the store. I’ll do it later. Damn I forgot to fix her car seat. I’ll YouTube it when I get back. Damn I forgot to sign her in. I’ll do it when I pick her up. Should I get breakfast? No…I need to eat healthy. I should go buy some more paint.

Maybe tomorrow…don’t feel like getting out. Okay let’s get the computer and start working. I should smoke first. Damn I should’ve got breakfast. Computers dead so let’s go downstairs and paint while it’s charging. Ugh. Is that dog pee on the ground? Ugh…they didn’t change out the Swiffer pad. I need to get him a cage and some more dog food. I’ll order it later. This kitchen is a mess. This fruit is old. Why is there an empty jar in here? I’ll tell him to do it when he wakes up. Okay…let’s paint. Ugh I’m too short. I’ll tell Jeremiah to do it when he gets home. Okay school stuff done. I need to do better with his work. I should create a chart for him. My printer isn’t plugged up so I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Let me lay down and see if I can make a chart. I need to make Marlee’s video. Damn I need to make Cayden one too. He needs to start his juices. I need to grocery shop. But the kitchen is dirty so maybe tomorrow. Okay I need to make some promo videos for my products. Oh and I need to send some out to these ambassadors. But I don’t have any nice boxes. Ooh…I can order some. But that’s gonna cost too much. Let’s see if I can make some. And I need business cards and QR codes. But I need to plug the printer up. But I need to finish painting first so I can put the printer back up. They need to eat something healthy. The kitchen is still dirty. I should order something. That’s a waste of money. I’ll tell them to cook. This food is not what I want. I’ll order something after I put Marlee to sleep.

I’m too tired. I’ll just eat some chips. Maybe I’ll work out tomorrow. I have to do better than this. I always say this. Nothing is ever going to change. I’m exhausted. I’m always doing this alone. Ugh…why is she waking back up? I never get a moment alone completely. I bet her dad is living it up. I hate him. Remember all the stuff I did for him? It’s cool.

I was easy to take advantage of. Just like all these other people. I wish I lived in a different state. Maybe we should go on vacation. Remember you were suppose to go on vacation with that guy? These niggas ain’t shit. Okay…ima book a vacation. Wait…this is too much money. What about investing in my business? Remember all the stuff we need? Okay…we will make a list tomorrow. But i already have a ton of stuff…we just need to do it. But I don’t have any space. I can’t make more space until I finish painting. Ugh I forgot to tell Jeremiah. Okay…I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I’m always procrastinating. I’ll never be successful. Okay I will be. I’ll get it done. Let’s start now. Oh yeah…I can’t paint. Okay. Tomorrow.

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