RuPaul’s Dragrace Season 9 Presents Snatch Game: The Watered Down Version

Okay, so we all know that season 9 has been full of let downs, horrible edits, and lackluster lip syncs. But this week was finally the week we all have been waiting for. SNATCH GAME!!! Now, if you are unfamiliar, snatch game is where the queens dress up like famous celebs and impersonate them. It is honestly my favorite episode of every season…except this one. For some reason, it just didn’t have that spark that it normally does. It didn’t seem like everyone had much camera time and I barely knew who a few of the girls were.

Here are a few pics from the game:

Now, here is the quick rundown of the ladies and my thoughts:

Trinity(Amanda Lepore) Breast plate

Sasha(Marlene Dietrich) Weird, but I’m here for it

Aja(Alyssa Edwards) not funny…facial expressions

Nina(Jasmine Masters) Perfect makeup and attitude

Alexis(Liza Minnelli) hilarious

Peppermint(Nene Leakes) horrible! Talking too much and stumbling

Valentina(Miss Colombia) surprisingly funny

Shea Coulee(Naomi Campbell) glamorous

Cynthia Lee(Sofia Vergara) all over the place

Farrah(Gigi Gorgeous) blah

Nina Bo’Nina Angry Black Woman Brown definitely kicked it up a notch with her impersonation of Jasmine Masters. Her voice was perfect, attitude and look was down pact. I think even Jasmine would be able to say at least one thing good about this performance. Shea Coulee’s makeup was flawless and she was an exceptional Naomi. Not overly funny, but just the right timing. Valentina was my underdog for this show because I was a little worried about her making Miss Colombia actually funny. But she did it in a way that was not too dramatic but, definitely kept me laughing. Alexis was great as Liza…but unfortunately, she looked too much like Roxxxy Andrews for me to fully concentrate.

Now for the negative. I didn’t get Aja and her take on Alyssa Edwards. She was too focused on weird facial expressions and didn’t make a connection to the character. I have no idea who Sasha was playing, but she was dark, but tolerable. Farrah was boring and Cynthia was basically herself…which was horrible and awkward. Trinity was someone who I didn’t know. She had a few jokes, but I hated that I could see her breast plate! Come on queen. Those are basic no-nos. And Peppermint…lord. No explanation…just gifs.

The runway was dedicated to Madonna and the looks were incredible. AND IT WAS FINALLY A FULL RUNWAY!! Best look for me, hands down, was Sasha. Valentina’s look was bold (where the hell did she tuck that??), but simple.

There was a double “Bitch Stole My Look” moment between Trinity and Nina and Peppermint and Shea. You be the judge, but Trinity and Shea won for me.

In the bottom two, Cynthia and Peppermint went head to head and Peppermint turnt it out!!! She made me a huge fan just off of that performance. Just please! NO MOE PINK!!

Now, when it comes to this season’s snatch game, I don’t think it was that much time placed on it. There was no real workroom interaction between the girls, the camera time was limited, and I think there were only three questions asked. There was more time focused on “Therapy Makeup Moment” when Peppermint came out as a trans woman. I just want more focus on the actual drag and not everything else, but it seems like we are getting closer. My top three are still Nina, Shea, and Sasha and I am so ready for Aja, Trinity, and Farrah to go home. Who were some of your faves and why?

Fyre Festival Sets Twitter Ablaze…But Not in a Good Way

Okay, so I woke up this morning and checked Twitter like I religiously do to make sure the world has not been destroyed. Donald Trump hasn’t completely screwed up so all looks well. Then I see a RT about Fyre Festival and some man begging for help. Putting on my FBI hat, I started to follow his tweets and finally found the hashtag for the festival. Continue reading

Recap: “Not Today Bitches!” RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, Episode 4

So, let’s discuss this week’s episode of Drag Race. I know you’re probably wondering why am I blogging about it now that they are in the 4th week…but honestly, this is when I start to recognize the girls and become really interested lol. Anyways, before I go into this episode, am I the only one disappointed at the direction that this season is going? I mean, no mini challenges every episode and super short runways? I feel like it may be because the show has moved to VH1 and this is somehow their fault lol.  Continue reading

“Lemonade”: A Deeper Look Into Beyoncé’s Ode to Black Women


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It has been a little over two days since Beyoncé, once again, released a masterpiece that has women, and apparently men, reaching for the nearest BeyHive application. The Queen brings us into her visual realm as she premieres her latest album, “Lemonade.” The mini-movie is full of vibrant colors, darkness, despair, anger, joy, carefreeness, and blackness. And when I say blackness…I mean full on African tribal, natural hair blackness.

Beyoncé, who gave us the heads up with “Formation,” produces what I like to call a “Black Girl Anthem,” with “Lemonade.” Even with the title, she shows how black women have been taking their troubles and the bs of the world and turning it into greatness. (Lemons into lemonade…) Now, at first glance, the songs and visuals had me wondering if my fave had secretly killed her husband for cheating and was confessing it to us all, but that theory didn’t just sit with me. She wouldn’t do all of this for just an album about cheating…it had to be more. The visuals, the spoken word, the imagery…nah…Bey was telling us something and we had to be able to look through the lines to fully see it.


At first, I thought maybe I was reading too much into it. Maybe Beyoncé did just want to do an album about cheating and overcoming it. Maybe this was her “Ring the Alarm Pt. 2.” Maybe she wanted to seem more relatable to her older audience. I mean everyone isn’t rich and happily making love to their man everyday, right? *inserts sarcasm button* Maybe “Lemonade” was her therapy and way of healing from her father’s discretions and possible husband’s. Or…maybe this album had nothing to do with Jay at all. Maybe it is about the Black woman’s plight throughout the years dealing with Black men and society.

Beyoncé, a self-proclaimed feminist, has always been about empowering women and has now fully turned her attention to Black women. I know I may lose some of you, but get a cup of lemonade, add a little whiskey, and just ride this wave with me. Imagine that the woman on this album represents Black women, as a whole, and her cheating man represents Black men. In the beginning, Beyoncé is praying that she can hear him whispering and prays that he catches her listening. Black men often keep their problems to themselves, but as Black women we are always there, wanting to know what is wrong so that we can help. It is a way of showing that we care and want to support our men.


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Now shift into “Hold Up,” which is a visual gem. Beyoncé comes out of a building with water flowing everywhere and is in bright yellow. With a very mellow vibe, the song states, “Hold up…they don’t love you like I love you…can’t you see there’s no other man above you…what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you.” Joyfully slinging a bat named “Hot Sauce,” Beyoncé is damaging anything in sight and she proclaims how much she loves her man more than anyone else. She also begins to spit a few bars, (thanks Jay), stating, “They used to hide from you, lie to you, but y’all know…we were made for each other, so I find you and hold you down.” This is pretty much Black women asking Black men, “Wyd???” We, Black women, love you in a way no one else does. We understand the daily struggles and were made for each other and yet, you turn your backs on us at times. You think that everyone else really loves you, when in fact they, (society), are just playing you. “What’s worse? Looking jealous or crazy…jealous or crazy? More like, being walked all over lately, walked all over lately…I’d rather be crazy.” Black women often get labeled as being jealous of white women or being just crazy for even thinking that Black men turn their backs on them. We are often thrown to the wolves by being projected as ratchet, hoes, sluts, etc. and treated like dirt by others. We don’t want to have to deal with the same from our men as well.


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Now with “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” this is when the Black woman gets fed up. She’s over the bull and it’s quite evident. “Who the f*** do you think I is??” “Bad muthaf****…God complex…motivate yo ass…call me Malcolm X.” At this time, there is an excerpt of Malcolm X speaking about black women being the most disrespected and unprotected people in this world. It’s quite clear that Beyoncé’s message is a little bit more than just cheating on this song and video. Displays of beautiful black women of all ages are shown as Bey goes ham in a parking garage. She is heated! She is talking reckless, (“You can watch my fat ass twist boy…as I bounce to the next d*** boy.”) She wants him to feel her pain and frustration. As Black women, this is something that often happens when trying to explain why we feel unprotected by Black men at times. Some times, the anger just comes out because we are tired of talking and showing the obvious.


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With arguments, come apologies and Black women are known for apologizing for things we haven’t done just to keep the peace. There is enough to deal with as Black people in the world, so we try to keep our homes as peaceful as we can; even though this can be more damaging. In her next song, “Sorry,” Beyoncé automatically makes it clear that she is not sorry boo. “Middle fingers up…put them hands high…wave it in his face…tell him boy bye.” “Me and my baby, we gon’ be all right…we gon’ live a good life.” Sometimes you have to let go of the “keeping this family together” when being mistreated wrong. Black families are identified for doing this, especially in older generations. Beyoncé is telling Black women that it is okay for us to not be sorry. No need to apologize. Everything will be okay. Now about the infamous quote, “He better call Becky with the good hair,” that really fired everyone up about possible cheating rumors. Becky, to me, is a white woman. Beyoncé, who is representing Black women, is telling her man, Black men, that if he wants to keep acting the way he is acting, then he can go on over to the other side. If you aren’t going to uplift and be there for Black women, join the others who denounce and degrade us.

Following me so far? Good. “6 Inch Heels,” is a “touch your toes” kind of song. Add The Weeknd and it is a perfect recipe for a pole dancing routine. After several minutes of my own twerk session, I finally tried to dissect this song. “She grinds from Monday to Friday, works from Friday to Sunday.” “She gon’ slang…too smart to crave material things…stacking her paper.” This is signifying how hard Black women work to keep things running smoothly. Black women will find a way out of no way to hold down their family. She doesn’t need a man to be there for her and she is going to work her ass off to make things happen. But as the song ends Beyonce sings, “You’ll always come back to me…come back…come back.” This is showing that, while the Black woman can adapt, be independent, and get her own…she still wants/needs her man to be there for her.


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This transitions into the country treasure, “Daddy Lessons.” This is as southern as it gets. Beyoncé belts out a 2nd Amendment right anthem that will make country singers run for cover. “When trouble comes to your town…men like me come around.” “Take care of your mother…watch out for your sister…with his gun and his head held high, he told me not to cry…oh my daddy said shoot.” This is when Black women are getting back their strength. Protect what is yours, at whatever cost. It is very Black Panther and Malcom X-esque. “My daddy warned me about men like you…he said baby darling, he’s playing you.” Don’t let it look like society has accepted you…it is all a joke. Don’t fall for it and stay ready to fight.

“Love Drought” is when forgiveness comes in. Black women will always be there for Black men and this is the time where we put our pride aside and try to make it work. “You and me can move a mountain…you and me can calm a world down. You and me can make it rain now…you and me will stop this love drought.” Together, Black people can do miracles. We could really take over and be more than we are, but it takes both, the Black woman and the Black man, to make this happen. Unity and love is the answer. Beyoncé understands this and is understanding of her man, (Black men), trying his hardest to support and be there for her.


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“Sandcastles” is a beautiful song that is full of self-acknowledgment. Beyoncé, (Black women), has realized that she has now turned her back on her man, (Black men), and she is apologizing for it. She accepts the role that she has possibly played in him being hurt and feeling powerless and acknowledges that. “I made you cry when I walked away.” “And your heart is broken because I walked away…show me your scars and I won’t walk away. And I know I promised that I couldn’t stay…every promise don’t work out that way.” Transition into a quick “Forward.” “It’s time to listen…it’s time to fight…forward.” I think that is pretty self-explanatory.


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Now we are closing in. “Freedom.” “Freedom… freedom…I can’t move…freedom cut me loose. Freedom…freedom where are you? Cause I need freedom too.” Now that Beyoncé and her man, (Black women and Black men), are back on the same page, they can now come together and fight for what really matters. In the visual, you see young black women and mothers of Black boys/men that have been killed in police violence. This is a powerful moment. This shows that we have to pass the torch and break the cycle. We can teach our children and generations to come what they need to do to ensure they have their freedom because no one else is going to fight for it, but us. “I break chains all by myself…won’t let my freedom rot in hell. Hey…I’ma keep runnin’ cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.”

Proving that love conquers all, especially Black love, “All Night,” shows that after all the hurt and pain, Black women still love their Black men. They will take in all of their troubles as their own and uplift them, while the world turns their back on them. “We found the truth beneath your lies…true love never has to hide. I trade your broken wings for mine.” “So many people that I know they just tryna touch ya…kiss up and rub up and feel up…kiss up and rub up and feel up on you.” This shows that even when society tries to make a Black man feel like they love him, they are not really here for them. A Black woman knows this and truly will give him the love and support that he needs and deserves because she understands him. “They say true love is the greatest weapon to end the war caused by pain…but every diamond has imperfections.” Black women grasp that Black men are flawed, we all are, but we still love and honor them because it is what we are taught and it is a true form of love. We are all we have.


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And lastly, “Formation.” Now that we have gone through the ups and down of the dynamic relationship between Black women and Black men, it is time to act. Beyoncé has pretty much given us the blue print to make this thing work and it is now time to get in line and act accordingly. As Black women, we have to be aligned with all to make everything else flow accordingly. We have to be ready to be supportive, ready to provide, ready to love…we have to be in formation for this war. We are the life-line and it starts with us. Uplift and support the Black woman because they/we are basically…everything!


So, I know that may be a lot for some and they are wondering how in the hell did she come up with this? Maybe I actually think Beyoncé is a very woke individual and decided this was the time to use her celebrity for the right reason in a more vocal way? From her visuals to the spoken word that is used, this album is more than a “screw you for cheating on me” record. Beyoncé is older now. She has a beautiful Black daughter. She sees how this world really is and wants to be a part of the change. There is a bigger picture here. So, regardless if you want to take the songs and eternalize it with my rendition or eternalize it as a woman mad and hurt in a relationship, it is safe to say that Beyoncé has produced another amazing album, while uplifting and representing Black women in a beautiful way. And there will never be an argument or issue about that.

“The Wiz Live”: 40 Years Later it is Still Needed

the wiz

Last night, NBC premiered “The Wiz Live” on television. An adaptation of the original film, “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Wiz” was a film and Broadway play that featured an all black cast. 40 Years later and I have the exact same love for “The Wiz,” but now that I am older, my appreciation for the back story and lessons have grown. When I was younger, I just loved singing and dancing along to Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, but this time I was overwhelmed with emotion as the characters were coming into their true selves.

So, quick Cliff notes on “The Wiz,” Dorothy’s house is picked up in a tornado and lands in OZ on the Wicked Witch of the East. Her sister, the Good Witch of the North, is happy and tells Dorothy to find the Wizard of Oz to try to get back home. On her journey, she encounters a scarecrow, who wants a brain, a tin man, who wants a heart, and a lion, who wants courage. They all decide to go with Dorothy to ask the Wizard for what they want. When they get to the Wizard, he(she) tells them that they have to kill the Wicked Witch of the West first. They go and do that and come back to find the Wizard isn’t as mighty as they think, but just a regular person. The Good Witch of the North tells Dorothy to ask her sister, The Good With of the South, to get home. And she clicks her heels and is back home. The end.

The Wiz Live! - Season 2015

THE WIZ LIVE! — Season: 2015 — Pictured: (l-r) Amber Riley as Addapearle, Uzo Aduba as Glinda, Mary J. Blige as Evillene — (Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)

So how is that inspirational? How did that musical about a bunch of witches, who are all related, and some weird characters have me bursting with pride? Because of the representation. This ALL BLACK CAST…let that sink in. ALL BLACK CAST! And talented, at that. They had me looking at my television in awe and pride. All shapes, sizes, and tones were showcased and highlighted. Natural hair was on front street! (I know yall saw the lion with his locs). It showed me that my people are absolutely beautiful, talented, wonderful, exuberant, joyful. We are so many things and it is simply amazing. It showed me the great side of being Black in such a world that continuously shows the negative. After day in and day out of seeing our people being killed and treated like dirt, it was a breath of fresh air to see this amazing show. The colors, the music, the dancing, the COSTUMES…it was all just beautifully refreshing.

the-wiz-heroWith each scene and character, there were small hidden lessons behind them. Dorothy, who I like to see as a vigilante, has been whisked away from home and feels like she is lost. Her whole journey is to get back home because that is all she knows. She doesn’t realize that, while she is on this journey to get back home, she is doing amazing things. She is empowering others, freeing people, and sticking up for herself. She doesn’t realize that she had the ability to go home all this time because she didn’t need to go back there yet. She needed to go through that journey, in order, to learn more about herself and help those she did. How many of us have never tried anything new because we are trying to stay in our comfort zone? Too scared to leave “home” because it’s the only thing we know?

scareThe Scarecrow feels that he is dumb because that is all everyone tells him. He thinks that he is nothing because he doesn’t know anything. In the end, the Wizard tells him that he does have a brain and the fact that he knows nothing means he knows a lot. This message hit me as an adult because so many of our people are told this. We grow up thinking we are less than what we are, so we believe it. We don’t think otherwise because why would we? If someone keeps telling you the same thing, over and over, you start to think it is true. Then, you start to rationalize it. The fact that the Scarecrow thinks he has no brains because he knows nothing is him trying to assure himself that everyone is right. This happens so much in our community and it often takes just one person showing the other that they are worthy for them to understand.

tinThe Tinman, my favorite, wants a heart. He had a heart before he was turned into tin and wants to love again. Going through his journey, the Tinman doesn’t realize that he has had the ability to love all along. He continuously showed care towards Dorothy on their journey and made sure no harm came to her. In this situation, I feel like the Tinman is a lot of Black people. We are often taught to be hard and grow up tough. You may have loved once, but when you have been turned on, you become hard and never let that emotion come again. But, it is shown still in things that we do. Taking care of our children, being with friends, small daily activities that we probably overlook, but we still are showing love in some way. We may not see it as such, but it is still happening. So much pain has happened in the Black community and even though we SHOULD be hard with metal exteriors, we still show way to express love.

The Wiz Live! - Season 2015

THE WIZ LIVE! — Season: 2015 — Pictured: David Alan Grier as Lion — (Photo by: Paul Gilmore/NBC)

The Lion wants courage because well, he’s a lion. He feels like he should be this big, mean, daunting creature and he is the opposite. He doesn’t realize that he actually has courage but it is shown differently. This is powerful because we all have our own way of displaying things. We do not have to be the exact same. You don’t have to yell from the mountains that you are strong. You show it in ways that YOU want to.


“The Wiz” shows that Black people are more than what you think. We are a complex being. We are so much more than what is shown to the eye. Multi layered. “The Wiz Live” discussed gender roles(The Wizard was thought to be a man and was really a woman…WHO RUN THIS MUTHA?), had gay elements(Emerald City was LIT!), and also encouraged our people through chaos(Can You Feel A Brand New Day?) This is where the pride came in. In the end, this song is sung and everyone is in yellow and it is visually stimulating. You can’t help but to smile. Like I said, we are complex. We are a lot of things, but in it all we still see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can tear us down, you can try to defeat our spirit, but it is, and always will be, still there. That hope is the backbone of being Black. Nothing will kill our hope for a better day.



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Anticipated Adele “25” Finally Drops and I Have my Tissue Ready


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So, if you are like me, you have been waiting for Adele’s new album the day after she dropped her last one years ago. I literally was waiting in agony to punish myself with more heartbreaking music that would have me depressed for hours on end. This is what Adele did to you. With “19” and “21,” she rips at your emotions and leaves you damaged…totally wrecked. And probably for no reason. I don’t even think I was dating anyone when these albums came out, but you couldn’t tell me I hadn’t just been through the hardest breakup in my life. (Dammit James from 3rd grade!!)

Finally the moment had came! “25” was available! Now, I know I said how much I was waiting for this album, but I can’t lie and say I didn’t hesitate before downloading. I mean this time I actually had been through an emotional breakup and I wasn’t sure if I was ready. Was I strong enough to listen to this album without throwing myself onto the couch in the fetal position for the next three days? I told myself that we were good and downloaded the CD. (I actually had a pow wow with myself…don’t judge me.)

With each song becoming available, I could feel the anticipation. I was so ready! First song was “Hello” which I’ve already cried a thousand times to, so so far I was good. Next song, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” was upbeat and had me feeling great. It’s basically saying that I’m over you, finally, and tell your new boo I said hey. A very shady and adult song and I was here for it. Then came “I Miss You.” Now, by the title alone…I knew I was probably in trouble. The slow melodic intro had me grabbing for the tissue and waiting patiently. But then the beat turns into a sultry vibe and the emotional Gods spared me. This was actually a very sexy song that I envisioned myself pole dancing to for bae. Three songs down…eight more to go!

“When We Were Young” seemed pretty harmless. Welp…in true Adele form, she comes in singing powerfully with a piano playing softly. Dammit! Adele sings about seeing an old love that basically has stirred up all these old emotions of when they were younger. I opened the tissue packet because I knew where this was going. The next song starts off the same. Adele and her beloved piano companion pull me in. “Remedy” discusses how she will be there for someone who is going through it all. For some reason, I felt like she was talking to me, but anyways. This is where the emotions started to stir up. Who doesn’t want someone to be there for them in their darkest moment? Can’t you imagine casting all your burdens to the side and laying in Adele’s lap so she can sing softly to you? I mean it probably will make everything worse, but still.

“Water Under the Bridge” and “River Lea” both have a more upbeat tone that made those emotions subside and put me back in a normal mental state. 4 songs to go and I was not a sniffling mess. I could get used to this when listening to Adele. And then it happened. Piano and violins start to play and Adele comes in, singing soft and somberly. “I can’t stay this time cause I don’t love you anymore. Please stay where you are. Don’t come any closer. Don’t try to change my mind. I’m being cruel to be kind.” Welp…there goes my life. Adele hits a high note in the chorus and I just die. She does this to me every time!

“Love in the Dark” struck a chord with me because it is very relatable. When you get to that place of finally being over someone, but they refuse to let you go and you have to beg for them to just leave you alone. Selfish bastards. “Million Years Ago” had me in my feelings for absolutely no reason. Now, this is what I love about Adele. She can bring emotions out of nowhere. Giving me a Spanish sultry vibe, Adele belts out a powerful song about living to her full potential. She had me missing my mother and friends when I see my mother damn near everyday lol. This just goes to show the strength of this woman and her voice.

Two more songs and I only had a few emotional moments…nothing crazy like before. I was smooth sailing. And then “All I Ask” comes on and let’s just say, I have had it on repeat for the last hour. The dynamic duo are back, (Adele and piano), and the beginning of the song is fine. Then the chorus comes… “All I ask is iffffff….this is my laaaassst night with you. Hold me like I’m more than just a frieeeeend. Give me a memory I can useeee. Take me by the hand while we doooo what lovers do. It matters how this ends… cause what if I never looooove again.” All the tears are here. I can’t deal! Adele sings from her soul with this song and I can do nothing but rock and sway and cry. Seriously…if you have just been through a break up or something…don’t torture yourself with this song.

Adele ends the album with “Sweetest Devotion.” I love this song because it shows the power behind Adele’s voice and range. It’s not too emotional and it’s a great way to kind of clean yourself up after the previous song.

In my opinion, Adele is one of those sweet pains. You know her music is going to take you there, but you don’t mind. You will torture yourself emotionally because her voice is just that good. It is so hard to find really good music nowadays. Singers who actually can sing. Songs that actually have meaning. So, yes. You may have to go buy a pint of ice cream and stay in your corner for a few hours, but it is well worth it. Everyone can relate to heartbreak and the best music comes from that raw pain. I know it may sound bad, but I didn’t want a happy album from Adele. I wanted that pain and raw feelings that we all have gone through. I will say that you can tell the growth in Adele, hence it is called “25”, because the emotions are a little more mature than it was on “19” or “21.” Bottom line is…Adele is the shit so go and support her!

That’s So Raven…The Ignorant Chronicles Continues

Sooo…Raven-Symone’ has already denounced her blackness with Oprah, insulted the younger generation by describing them as lazy, is magically from every continent inside of a continent, and now she wants you to know that she will not be hiring you if you have a somewhat adventurous name. Earlier today on The View, (why is this still a show?), Raven gave her opinion on being discriminatory against someone with an ethnic name. Take a look. Continue reading

Why I Wish People Would Leave Karrueche Alone


Okay, this is going to be quick. I really didn’t want to discuss yet another celeb drama story BUT after seeing the way people are dragging Karrueche, I had to say something. My biggest issue with this entire situation is why are people targeting Karrueche? What did she do wrong exactly? She loved and forgave a man(too many times, but that’s your opinion) and she was cheated on…how is this her fault? Yes, you can say she should have seen the signs and left a long time ago, but does that warrant the reaction that she’s getting? I mean there are jokes everywhere about her not being loyal and lying about leaving Chris. How in the hell does this mean she’s not loyal? When did loyal equate stupidity? She’s not loyal because “girl it’s just a baby, you can stay.” -_- Some times it takes you to get knocked on your ass multiple times before you finally move on. Why are we not congratulating her for coming to this realization and at least saying she’s leaving? Granted, she may stay, but why is that anyone’s business? Honestly, look at your own relationships and think of how many memes people could come up with to describe you. Now, I am not agreeing with Karrueche in any way. I don’t think she should’ve stayed for so long with Chris, but I can definitely put myself in her shoes. Emotional abuse is the worse and it is the hardest to leave because some don’t see it as real abuse. “He didn’t hit me so it’s not that bad.” If anything I feel bad for her. Can you imagine a man that you love so much, a man that you have taken back so many times, just goes and has a baby with someone you were cool with? His seed, his spawn, his flesh and blood…with another seemingly unimportant woman? This is hurtful.

Instead of degrading her, how about we turn it around on the bitch assness of Chris Brown? Why do we automatically jump on the woman? HE is the one who cheated! HE is the one who lied! HE is the one claiming he wanted something with Karrueche that he obviously knew he had with someone else! HE is the one who constantly runs around talking about how much he loves her, but does the complete opposite! So, how about we run to Twitter and cuss him out and call him un-loyal and make memes about him with his name mispronounced? No, we don’t do that because like always, the woman is wrong in every situation. “She’s so stupid for staying…that’s what she gets.” No, she believed and trusted a man she loved. Since when was that the wrong thing to do? How many times have you forgiven someone just to have them shit on you again? The only difference is you do it behind closed doors. I normally don’t come on the blog and discuss celebrity matters, but as I am maturing I am learning that people need to see these celebs as human beings. This young woman is hurting and how dare we judge her life? Once again, I don’t agree with many of her decisions BUT I will never judge someone for falling in love and giving someone a chance. Been there, done that. It’s hard to let go of that type of love and maybe this is just the thing she needs to get back on the right track. Either way…she has my support. Even though I’m still slick kinda mad about the Beyoncé/ Blue hair thing 🙂

Channing Smythe Responds to Questioning Behind Child Support Case

I earlier wrote about my feelings on Devon Still not paying child support and Channing Smythe trying to shine negative light on him about the situation. Well, who would have known that Channing Smythe is a fan of the site and would read my post! Taking to Instagram, Channing defended her decision on suing her child’s father for non child support payments.



While I understand where Channing is coming from, my views are still the same. This is still a man that is doing something financially and is a very active participant in his life. Even if she feels the need to get some type of support, why not do this off the record? Why bring the media into this? Once again, I am not in her situation but I definitely know there are better ways to go about this. What are your thoughts?

Photo courtesy of: IG: iamjeaninenicole IG: Carmen_soprano