Anticipated Adele “25” Finally Drops and I Have my Tissue Ready


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So, if you are like me, you have been waiting for Adele’s new album the day after she dropped her last one years ago. I literally was waiting in agony to punish myself with more heartbreaking music that would have me depressed for hours on end. This is what Adele did to you. With “19” and “21,” she rips at your emotions and leaves you damaged…totally wrecked. And probably for no reason. I don’t even think I was dating anyone when these albums came out, but you couldn’t tell me I hadn’t just been through the hardest breakup in my life. (Dammit James from 3rd grade!!)

Finally the moment had came! “25” was available! Now, I know I said how much I was waiting for this album, but I can’t lie and say I didn’t hesitate before downloading. I mean this time I actually had been through an emotional breakup and I wasn’t sure if I was ready. Was I strong enough to listen to this album without throwing myself onto the couch in the fetal position for the next three days? I told myself that we were good and downloaded the CD. (I actually had a pow wow with myself…don’t judge me.)

With each song becoming available, I could feel the anticipation. I was so ready! First song was “Hello” which I’ve already cried a thousand times to, so so far I was good. Next song, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” was upbeat and had me feeling great. It’s basically saying that I’m over you, finally, and tell your new boo I said hey. A very shady and adult song and I was here for it. Then came “I Miss You.” Now, by the title alone…I knew I was probably in trouble. The slow melodic intro had me grabbing for the tissue and waiting patiently. But then the beat turns into a sultry vibe and the emotional Gods spared me. This was actually a very sexy song that I envisioned myself pole dancing to for bae. Three songs down…eight more to go!

“When We Were Young” seemed pretty harmless. Welp…in true Adele form, she comes in singing powerfully with a piano playing softly. Dammit! Adele sings about seeing an old love that basically has stirred up all these old emotions of when they were younger. I opened the tissue packet because I knew where this was going. The next song starts off the same. Adele and her beloved piano companion pull me in. “Remedy” discusses how she will be there for someone who is going through it all. For some reason, I felt like she was talking to me, but anyways. This is where the emotions started to stir up. Who doesn’t want someone to be there for them in their darkest moment? Can’t you imagine casting all your burdens to the side and laying in Adele’s lap so she can sing softly to you? I mean it probably will make everything worse, but still.

“Water Under the Bridge” and “River Lea” both have a more upbeat tone that made those emotions subside and put me back in a normal mental state. 4 songs to go and I was not a sniffling mess. I could get used to this when listening to Adele. And then it happened. Piano and violins start to play and Adele comes in, singing soft and somberly. “I can’t stay this time cause I don’t love you anymore. Please stay where you are. Don’t come any closer. Don’t try to change my mind. I’m being cruel to be kind.” Welp…there goes my life. Adele hits a high note in the chorus and I just die. She does this to me every time!

“Love in the Dark” struck a chord with me because it is very relatable. When you get to that place of finally being over someone, but they refuse to let you go and you have to beg for them to just leave you alone. Selfish bastards. “Million Years Ago” had me in my feelings for absolutely no reason. Now, this is what I love about Adele. She can bring emotions out of nowhere. Giving me a Spanish sultry vibe, Adele belts out a powerful song about living to her full potential. She had me missing my mother and friends when I see my mother damn near everyday lol. This just goes to show the strength of this woman and her voice.

Two more songs and I only had a few emotional moments…nothing crazy like before. I was smooth sailing. And then “All I Ask” comes on and let’s just say, I have had it on repeat for the last hour. The dynamic duo are back, (Adele and piano), and the beginning of the song is fine. Then the chorus comes… “All I ask is iffffff….this is my laaaassst night with you. Hold me like I’m more than just a frieeeeend. Give me a memory I can useeee. Take me by the hand while we doooo what lovers do. It matters how this ends… cause what if I never looooove again.” All the tears are here. I can’t deal! Adele sings from her soul with this song and I can do nothing but rock and sway and cry. Seriously…if you have just been through a break up or something…don’t torture yourself with this song.

Adele ends the album with “Sweetest Devotion.” I love this song because it shows the power behind Adele’s voice and range. It’s not too emotional and it’s a great way to kind of clean yourself up after the previous song.

In my opinion, Adele is one of those sweet pains. You know her music is going to take you there, but you don’t mind. You will torture yourself emotionally because her voice is just that good. It is so hard to find really good music nowadays. Singers who actually can sing. Songs that actually have meaning. So, yes. You may have to go buy a pint of ice cream and stay in your corner for a few hours, but it is well worth it. Everyone can relate to heartbreak and the best music comes from that raw pain. I know it may sound bad, but I didn’t want a happy album from Adele. I wanted that pain and raw feelings that we all have gone through. I will say that you can tell the growth in Adele, hence it is called “25”, because the emotions are a little more mature than it was on “19” or “21.” Bottom line is…Adele is the shit so go and support her!