Support Small Businesses!

daydreamer 2
Today we are supporting small businesses so I would love if everyone took the time to support mines! Yes, I know…another hat that I wear! A DayDream Production is my production company. Started in February of 2014, we are in the business of turning people’s dreams into reality. Need help with book formatting, typesetting, or editing? Need help with book covers or publishing? Want to turn that book into an actual movie? How about someone to read over your material and give you a few helpful ideas to make your book the next best seller? We are the company for you. Today we are doing a promotional giveaway! Follow the directions below for your chance to enter!

1. Follow “A DayDream Production” on Instagram

2. Like “A DayDream Production”‘s page on Facebook

3. Repost the original contest picture(it is on the Instagram page) and comment with the hashtag #SupportADayDreamProduction

And that’s it! We will choose a winner at 10am est tomorrow and the winner will win a free downloadable copy of my new book, “Choices.” They will also be featured on the website. Make sure you follow the rules and share with others for your chance to win!