A coworker was trying to decide what type of gift to get this girl that he’s known for about a month. He mentioned Tiffany’s and my mouth dropped. Friend? A month? Tiffany’s??!! Then he jokingly told me I needed to stop dealing with these bum ass niggas. I laughed but then thought about it. He was right. Every guy I had talked to was a B.A.N. (bum ass nigga). Then I started to think why was that. Did I have a B.A.N. chip implanted in me somewhere? What was going on? And then it clicked. Ever since I was younger, my self esteem was always low. When I got older, I would basically talk to any dude that looked my way because I felt like I couldn’t do any better. Thus the B.A.N. attraction. This is how I think most women get stuck with these types of guys. They either have no self esteem or have become too complacent. Another thing I have noticed is that women are afraid of being lonely. *cue BeyoncĂ©* They will settle for a B.A.N. just because they don’t want to be alone. But my thoughts are if you are with a B.A.N. then aren’t you lonely anyways? Think about it. Sure, he’s there physically, but mentally and emotionally where is he? A B.A.N. cares about no one but himself. Is he there when you re feeling down? Is there to help when the baby is crying? Is he there to help cool at night? Of course not.

But I have to blame the person that is with the B.A.N. instead of the actual bum. If y’all didn’t put up with majority of that stuff, then he would have no choice but to step his game up. It’s like telling a child to clean up and he doesn’t. Instead of you chastising him, you just clean up. It’s the same with a B.A.N. Why would he change if you just settle for his bullshit every time? With that being said, I still can’t figure out for the life of me why a B.A.N. is cool with being a B.A.N. Don’t you want more out of life? Is it really cool to just sit around and do nothing all day long? It might’ve been okay when you were a teenager but I’m seeing 30-40 years old B.A.N.s like what is really going on? Once you get to a certain point in your life that bum shit has got to get old. But once again ladies, if y’all keep accepting them, then they will never change. There needs to be a movement to get these fools to act different. A ban on B.A.N. And I apologize for his ugly man’s pic…but he is the epitome of a B.A.N. lol 🙂