The Color Purple


I remember hearing that God gets

offended when you walk pass

the color purple and don’t acknowledge

its beauty.

Well, if that’s the case, God is pissed at


You see, I am that color purple.

The color purple that u continue to


The color purple that u just leave

standing here wondering what for?

The color purple who is slowly losing

her shade

as I begin to fade into this rain.

Rain, storms, clouds are all around me


why should I not change from my

illustrious bright tone to this mediocre


I mean what’s the point of being the

color purple

if I can’t catch your attention?

Running around, jumping when u say


cooking when u say go…

is this what I should be doing?

I mean, the color purple is a hard color

to ignore.

So, why do you do it so easily?

Why do you not see the royalty? The


The strength.

Are you too busy chasing these reds,

yellows, and greens

to even notice me?

These colors that can be so easily


These colors that can change with a

flick of the light?

Do you not see how bold I am?

How beautiful I am not matter how dark

or light?

I am the color purple.

How dare you ignore me.

How dare u do it so easily as if I am not

your everything.

When those reds and yellows fade,

I am the one you call on.

But as soon as you get your fill,

I am kicked to the side

because that new shade of gray has

caught your eye.

But it’s okay.

One day, I will be somebody else’s color


Somebody’s only one.

No more jumping and flailing just to

receive your attention.

What is so easy for u to overlook

will not be so easy for the next.

So I will be bold

and stand tall.

Because I am the color purple

and I command it all.