A Moment in Time

“Laila, what the hell are you doing?” “I was trying to shoot the ball!” Laila and a group of her friends were relaxing at the park on a rare beautiful day. They were playing a game of 21 and Laila and Marcus were on the same team. Laila had no idea what she was doing, but that didn’t stop her from acting like she was the best player on the court. “Look, just pass me the ball next time,” Marcus said, pushing Laila’s head. She gave him the finger as they continued the game. After successfully losing, Marcus, Laila, and her other friends decided to call it a day. They all went back to the house and decided to grab a few beers. They all sat around, watching a movie while drinking. Laila grabbed her phone when she heard it vibrate. She had a text. “What’s up beautiful?” Laila immediately blushed as she responded. “Nothing. Just relaxing with a few friends. U?” “Nothing. Just laying around. I want you.” Laila looked around to see if anyone was watching, but of course no one was paying her any attention. “Do you?” she responded. “When can we make that happen?” Laila bit her lip. “Whenever you want,” she flirted back. She anxiously waited for his response, but it never came. She put her phone down and continued to watch the movie. “Yo Laila, get me another beer.” Laila sucked her teeth. “No. Get it yourself.” “What kind of friend are you?!” Marcus yelled, overdramatically. Laila laughed and went downstairs. She went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and pulled out two more beers. Then she felt a hand come from behind. The hand put the beers back down. Laila held her breath as she felt him come closer. She turned slightly and began to say something, but he whispered in her ear, “shhh.” He brought his lips to the nape of her neck and began to kiss softly. She moaned softly and he whispered for her to be quiet again. He then took his arm and wrapped them firmly around her waist. He continued to kiss the back of her neck. Laila tried to turn around again, but he refused. Pushing her against the counter, Laila could feel his warm hands run down her back, down to her legs and underneath her shorts. The warm massage sent Laila’s heart racing. She grabbed his hand insisting that he continued. Allowing Laila to turn slightly he began to nibble slowly on her bottom lip. This drove her wild. And he smiled as he saw her reaction. They both looked at each other and laughed again to themselves. She gave him a deep, passionate kiss. She began to tug at his jeans when she suddenly heard the door open from upstairs. They both parted as they heard someone come downstairs. “What are y’all doing? It takes that long to get some beers?” “Nah, they weren’t fully cold so we were waiting,” Laila said, handing her friend a beer. Laila turned around and handed Marcus the other beer. “I think it’s still a little warm.” This time Marcus was the one to blush as Laila went back upstairs.