Mary Jane

Mary Jane

There’s a girl you love more than me.

She elevates you, takes you higher.

She calms you, relaxes you.

She’s the one you run to instead of me.

In the beginning, it was okay.

Mary Jane and I were cool,

so you two being close was no issue.

But now, things have changed. You don’t look at me that way.

Three years and our love is not the same.

Is it her?

This sweet beauty that is always around.

This intoxicating goddess who never lets you down.

You go to her before you come to me.

You break her down before you break down to me.

Blow her mind while confusing mines.

Mary Jane, so sweet and innocent.

She’s the only girl you give your all to.

The only one you are not afraid to be with.

The only one you bring around your crew.

The only one you truly open up to.

This flavorful seductress.

The only girl you’d ever give head to.

Sweet Mary Jane knows your lips more than I do.

But why is this?

Is it because Mary Jane is so easy?

So willing to listen?

Mary Jane doesn’t argue about simple things.

She doesn’t nag you all day.

Mary Jane enjoys football and those Playstation games.

Is this why you choose her over me?

Green over red? No love allowed?

See, I am difficult and Mary Jane is easy.

I challenge you while she pacifies you.

I encourage you while she enables you.

Sweet Mary Jane.

He’s yours, for now.

But soon he will mature and realize

that you are not best.

He will understand that you are just a crutch.

But until then, Mary Jane, be good to my man.

And do not introduce him to that white girl in the stands.