Family Halloween Fun

Okay, so I am kind of late, but due to sickness I couldn’t get this post up until today. Last Saturday was Halloween and as promised, I was going to take my kids trick or treating. Well, reality set in(and some introvert-ness) and I knew I didn’t want to go out anywhere. It was cold and rainy and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it. But, I knew I had to come up with an amazing plan b in order for my kids to roll with it. What better than a Halloween party…with an extended curfew! (The curfew was the kicker lol). So, it was settled. I looked up a few quick ideas for a Halloween party and we were on. Now, all of this was done very quickly and was easy enough for them both to help me prepare. They weren’t too sugary, as they already had enough candy, but they were still enjoyable.

  1. Jello shots

FullSizeRender (1)

Now, let me explain why this even came into my head to make. My sister was suppose to have her 21st birthday, but we decided to not do a party and just go out. This was after I bought a ton of things for jello shots. So, I had to use it up and what better way then give them to the kids. It was easy to hand out and easy clean up. Just whip up the jello in separate bowls so that you can have different colors in different containers. I would do this first because the jello takes about an hour to fully set.

2. Grape worms

IMG_0169 FullSizeRender(6)

These are extremely easy to make and healthy. All you need are grapes, skewers, and I used writing gel for the eyes and mouth. We decided on green and red grapes to give it a more fun look, but you can use any kind that you want. Just pop the grapes on the skewers(be careful of the pointy ends with kids) and then add some eyes and a little mouth. My 5 year old loved these! I had to make him stop eating them lol.

3.Ghost Marshmallows


Here is another idea for the remainder of the skewers that you may have left. Ghost marshmallows are gooey and great for presentation. You can get any kind of marshmallows that you want, but we opted for the smores marshmallows(flat and square) and pumpkin shaped marshmallows. Using the writing gel icing again, black and red, I let the boys decorate them and there you go. Easy prep and easy clean up.

4. Mummy Dogs

IMG_0178 IMG_0189

Now these have to be my favorite. Crispy and juicy and super cute. All you need are a pack of your favorite hot dogs and a can of crescent rolls. Cut the crescent roll dough in small strips and twist around the hot dog. This is perfect for little fingers because it doesn’t have to be perfect. The crazier, the better. Add a few drops of ketchup for eyes and that is it. I think you see my theme for easy is pretty clear. 🙂

5. Chips and OMG!


This is the star of the evening. A huge carved pumpkin, who has obviously had too much candy. This is a normal guacamole with chips on the side, but the presentation is key. This was my first time carving a pumpkin, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. You can play around with the expression to make it look even more realistic.The guacamole was a simple recipe with two avocados, tomatoes, and I used a guacamole spice pack for seasoning. While it looks horrendous, the taste is amazing.


And that’s it! Hide and seek for the candy and have a great Halloween party! The boys loved this so much that I am thinking about making this a tradition. May invite people next time:).