Mr. Right


Okay, so this is a random post. Or a request I might say by a certain person. He knows who he is. Now, the title of this fits this man so well. Mr. Right. Now, I’m not talking about the Mr. Right for me even though…*clears throat*…we won’t get into that. This guy is always right about everything. Seriously. He is the type of guy who will say I’m going to trip over a pickle in the middle of the street and dammit if I don’t trip over that pickle! Almost 8 years has gone by and his record is damn near flawless. Now, of course this post has to be more than an homage to his excellency. Ladies, having a Mr. Right in your corner is the best thing you could ever do. There is nothing like having a man around to give you the straight up truth. To tell you when you’re being stupid or even when you’re being a whore. A Mr. Right will not judge you but will always keep it real and give you the honest truth, no matter what. This is what women need. Yes, you have your girlfriends who might also tell the truth, but there is nothing like getting it from a male’s perspective. It will give you a totally different outlook on life. No matter how much I try to deny it, my Mr. Right is never wrong. It’s so bad, it’s to the point where he knows what I am going to do before I even do it. So to all the Mr. Right’s out there, especially mines, I send you much love. For keeping us in check and helping us to realize so much about ourselves. Without you, where would be? So continue to rack up on your points…one day we will catch up.