Pet Names

Okay, this one will be short and sweet. Do you like or use pet names when dealing with your s/o? I, personally, don’t mind them, but there are a few that I actually can’t stand. Like, I love the ones that are unique and the person comes up with on their own. It normally will have something to do with their name or an attribute(Big Head). But these ratchet pet names that have entered into the dating world are not what’s up. I just do not get it. I’m simple. Call me sweetheart, especially if you are from New York, and I will swoon from the Heavens. But call me bae and I’m out. Here is a list of my worst pet names and why I hate them so much.

1. Ole Lady-I’m sorry. I know I will catch hell for this but I cannot stand this term. It reminds me of a man that is describing a chick that he is unfortunately involved with and is currently cheating on. “Nah, that’s just my ole lady.” “Man, my ole lady always be getting on my nerves.” No way is this an endearing term, in my eyes. It just really makes me feel like I am that old lady that you are with just because we have history and you really don’t know a way out. I think it’s because whenever a guy comes around that I know has a girlfriend and he tries to hit on me, he always refers to her as just an “ole lady.” I hate it. Sorry. But I do.

2. Boo thang- This has to be the newest ratchet pet name that some how caught fire once Kelly started singing about it. (I hope it was her, because honestly I don’t feel like Googling it right now lol). A boo thang, to me, sounds like basically just a sex partner. And that would’ve been okay with me but I recently have caught people who are actually in a relationship call that person that. “Look what my boo thang bought me.” “That’s my boo thang over there.” WHAT??? I cannot take you nor your relationship seriously if you are calling each other that. I’m sorry. I just can’t. It sounds like something you call someone, jokingly. Not something that is suppose to be sweet and thoughtful. Nope. Not here for it.

3. Bae- Listen. This one has to be the worst. If you are someone’s “bae” then you are not in a real relationship. Who the hell said that this word was okay? Babe, yes. Baby, sure. But “bae”??? No. It has all types of struggle that comes to mind with it. “That’s my bae.” Oh, you mean the guy you constantly have to drag off you when he gets drunk? “Look at my bae. I love him.” Oh, you mean the one you were just cussing out because he didn’t come home for three days? Listen to what I tell you. “Bae” is not where it is at, okay? It’s like if I hear someone saying that I just expect them to sit around the house all day doing hood rat things. I just can’t do it.

Those are really the top three that get on my nerves. I would’ve put the joining of two names together (Bennifer or Jayonce) but thankfully this hasn’t caught on with anyone but celebs. Just say something normal, like their name. Or even just “beautiful” or “my love” or “sweetness”. Simple but effective. All this extra stuff is just too much for me. lol 🙂