Open Ended Letter

Have you ever just wanted to write an open ended letter to someone? Just get all those emotions and feelings out and rip it up? Well, this is that for me. But unlike an open ended letter…I know this letter will be seen because this particular person thrives on being involved in everything I do. So this letter is my therapy. My way of getting out every single thing I need to get out…without going to jail. 🙂 Hey, sometimes you have to keep it real with yourself. That advice of being the bigger person and just ignoring someone just does not work after a while. Sooo…..

Dear Sweetheart,

Let me start by saying, I have no ill will towards you. Even though you hate me for no obvious reason except the fact that we have one person in common. But I don’t understand the reason for all your hate. Your anger? Your constant obsession with me. Your continuous behavior of saying whatever you feel you need to say to tear me down without fully addressing me. Now, people who know me know that I can take it to a point of no return, but I am starting to see that you really are delusional. My main reason for writing this is to get everything off my chest and release it. I am human and when you say stupid, hurtful, tasteless things about me I am going to react. It’s that simple. But honestly, I feel very sorry for you. You are going through a hard time and you lashing out at me is just something that I guess is helping you feel better. And the fact that it makes you feel better to talk down about me when you are nowhere near better than me is just funny to me and it makes me feel even more sorry for you. Y’all know those people who run around screaming they love the Lord and they are this and that, but then curse you out two seconds later, and then finish up with “God’s not done with me yet?” Yeah, that’s you. You want to walk the right way…get yourself in order first. Being hateful towards me is doing nothing but pushing you further and further away from where you are trying to be. And the jealousy, like I’ve always said, is understandable but it’s not necessary. How are you jealous of someone but then try to say that they are beneath you? Hmmm….yeah I’m confused on that one. Point blank…I have no time for petty games. Nor petty behavior. As a request from someone dear to me, I have let you slip by several times, but it’s getting to that point where it’s just sad. You are sad sweetheart. I’m at that point where I just laugh and thank God that I am not like you. Poor little you. But anyways, I am over you and this situation. You did what you did and lost that person that was close to you….don’t get mad at me because I am still involved in their life. I can’t help that. You work on yourself and maybe you can find that again. Until then…get it together. Seriously.