Here I am.

Legs shaking, heart racing.

Breathing erratic.

I look over and smile.

You shake your head…you know what I want.

I laugh to myself as I wait for you.

My thirst still needing to be quenched.

You see, this insatiable beast inside of me

is in need of more…

More of you.

More of us.


The kisses, the biting, the earth shattering orgasms just don’t seem to cut it.

I need more.

 You leave me breathless.

With the inability to move.

Back hurting, shoulders sore…

but I still need more.

Waking neighbors, I yearn for that feeling.

Scratching and pulling,

slight gasping of air as your grasp becomes tighter…and tighter…

until I explode.

Insatiable beast and I still want more.

You say you love the challenge

and baby, you rise every time.

You rise, and I climb…you rise, and I climb…you rise…

and I reach the peak of sexual freedom that I have never felt.

And yet…I still want more.

Maybe, I will never be truly satisfied.

Never wanting the release of your tongue grazing my thighs.

Maybe, I will never be fulfilled wholly…

or is it just an indulgence turning into an addiction slowly?

Whatever it is, I appreciate your enthusiasm for me.

Your willingness to please…

your yearning to

continuously feed…

this insatiable beast.

-Jeanine Nicole C/O 12/13/2015

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The Number

So…I am trying to buckle down and become more focused on my writing because I really want this career to take off. I have decided to join in with a few bloggers and take on the “31 Write Now” challenge. This is basically a challenge for you to write a post for every day of the month of August. So…I hope you all are ready and please do not judge me on these topics because most of them will come from Twitter lol. 🙂

Now, let’s discuss this. The Number aka the Body Count aka How Many Notches You Got on That Belt. Do you or don’t you care about your significant others number? Let’s all assume that we are my age and above (27-up), do you expect your mate to have a low number and if you find out that they don’t, is it a deal breaker? Most men believe that women lie about their number anyways. They say 3 when they really mean 10. And most women like to think that men are lying about their number as well. He says 20 but he really means 5. Well, in my honest opinion, I could care less. I am not even going to ask what your number is because, frankly, I don’t want to know. I also do not want to share that information with you. I believe that it is no one’s business how many people you have slept with. What does it prove? Well, let’s break it down and see why it might matter to some.

First, let me divide it by sexes because we all know there are completely different rules when it comes to the opposite sex. If you are a female, in your eyes you don’t want to be looked at as a hoe. If you have slept with 10+ then you automatically get the “whore” label. Because of that stereotype this is the main reason why women lie about their number. But, honestly, I have talked to several men and they are in agreement that the number means nothing to them. They are more concerned with the actual person’s personality and actions. See, you can have a high number and no one around knows about it. Or vice versa. I like to call it being the “known hoe”. If your number is high and every time you go to the neighborhood corner store, you are running into one of your playmates, then yeah…no guy is gonna want to deal with that. In the words of my good friend, “you gotta keep that hoe level down.” You can do what you want, protected, but keep it under the table. No need to broadcast or sleep with the whole crew.

Now when it comes to men their number could be a masculine thing. If they are a certain age and haven’t smashed a certain number of girls then they can feel less adequate. Having a high number, in their eyes, is like a turn on for a woman. The woman knows that he is a great lover because obviously he has had a lot of experience. (We all know this could be the furthest thing from the truth). Men should not worry about the status that their number could possibly bring because if you get a girl like me, I’m assuming they were all one nights anyways.

My main reason for “the number” not being that big of a deal is because we all go through that “hoe stage.” Unless you are blessed to find the love of your life right after high school, then we have all been there. That moment when you decide to just do you and say “fuck a relationship.” You don’t want any ties. You just want one thing and that is it. Don’t act like you haven’t been there. You are at that moment of discovering yourself and it is the most amazing time of your life. No worries at all. For me, I would be more concerned with the number of girlfriends my significant other had than sexual partners. Giving your heart out to someone is much more of a “thing” for me than sex is. But once again, this is only my opinion. You go off of what you believe in. If you want a woman who has only had three partners, go and prosper. Good luck though. If you want a man who has only been with 3 partners, definitely good luck on that one. But stop putting so many emphasis on the wrong things. As long as he is STD free, no unknown baby mommas lingering, or a member of the same sex is a part of that count, then you should be fine. Don’t ask.

You Still Think That’s the Spot?

This post is coming after a crazy discussion I had with a friend a while back. Right after high school, we were “involved” and now 8 years later, he thinks those tired lines are going to get me to drop to my knees (lol excuse the pun). I really don’t understand why some guys think everything is the same. What turned me on in high school will have me looking at you with my arms crossed now. I have evolved. I’m not that timid 18 year old. Maybe this is why so many women don’t experience the big “O” because their partners are still performing like thy did when they first met. Like everything in the world, with time comes change. You have to change too. A kiss on the neck is not going to get it. Men, I recommend you sit down with some female friends and listen, really listen as hard as it may be, to what actually turns them on. Don’t think that your swag is all you need, because you and that swag will be lonely pretty soon. Learn what your girl likes and perfect it. My ex’s used to think I was crazy but I was always asking questions afterwards. Did that work for you? Was my leg up like that too much? Lol. Only I give interviews after sex, but it helped me to learn what they liked instead of guessing. You can’t rely on what you think is working because 9 times out of 10, it’s not. Different strokes, for different folks. And as you get older it changes as well.

Leave those high school moves in the past. Hopefully you are now dealing with a more mature woman and those lame tricks are not going to work. Sometimes I think it’s a macho thing when it comes to guys trying to learn new things. Y’all never want to ask for help or admit that you don’t know something. Trust me. It is okay to ask your woman what she likes and how she likes it. It will turn her on and have her wanting to please you as well as you have pleased her. We aren’t as complicated as you think. 🙂