Channing Smythe Responds to Questioning Behind Child Support Case

I earlier wrote about my feelings on Devon Still not paying child support and Channing Smythe trying to shine negative light on him about the situation. Well, who would have known that Channing Smythe is a fan of the site and would read my post! Taking to Instagram, Channing defended her decision on suing her child’s father for non child support payments.



While I understand where Channing is coming from, my views are still the same. This is still a man that is doing something financially and is a very active participant in his life. Even if she feels the need to get some type of support, why not do this off the record? Why bring the media into this? Once again, I am not in her situation but I definitely know there are better ways to go about this. What are your thoughts?

Photo courtesy of: IG: iamjeaninenicole IG: Carmen_soprano