Artist Spotlight: Kiwi The Beauty

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I am a firm believer in constantly supporting the creatives in this field. We need to uplift one another so that we can truly make a mark in this world. This month’s “Artist Spotlight” is focused on the world of blogging. Kiwi is the mastermind behind the blog, Blogging since 2006, Kiwi has finally settled into her own lane of bringing beauty and lifestyle together in a fabulous way. Featured in several magazines, gracing billboards, and becoming the spokesperson for a variety of brands, including Travel Divas and Miss Jessie’s, Kiwi the Beauty is ready to take the blogging world by storm.

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1. How did you get started in your craft?
Blogging I have been doing since 2006. I didn’t consider it a craft in the beginning, it was a hobby. I had no idea blogging would be something that could grow to this magnitude but I am happy it has developed into my craft.
2. What is something that inspires you to stay motivated?
Other bloggers who are doing really big things. Who are working with big brands, getting almost celebrity like endorsements and even being featured on commercials. That motivates me…that bloggers can go really far in this industry!
3. Where do you see yourself and your craft 5 years from now?
Five years from now I would love to see my brand grow and it evolve into a 6-figure business. I want my blog and brand to be well-known and provide me opportunities far beyond my own personal goals and dreams.
4. What sets you apart in your craft from others?
Just being myself! I have my own personality and drive. There are millions of blogs with a lot of niches…but I just set my own standards. Although I am inspired by some and even learn from other blogs, I still just do my own things to make “Kiwi the Beauty”…my voice and in alignment with me.
5. What do you love the most about your craft?
The opportunities that have came with it. I get invited to a lot of fun events and I have some great brand ambassadorships because of it and I am so happy all of it is in alignment for what I got my degree in which is Mass Media Communications.
6. What is the main thing you want people to learn or to get from your craft?
That blogging is a business and it is not just a trend or new thing. While it is fun and glamorous sometimes, it is still WORK! I feel like I do 5 different jobs being a blogger…its not just taking pictures and putting them in a post. The blogging industry is growing and we are also slowly but surely getting all the recognition we deserve!
Make sure you check out the blog at You can also follow Kiwi on Twitter, Facebook. and Instagram under the handle Kiwithebeauty. Remember, true success comes with the ability to support others. Whether it is a like or a follow or a simple share, it all helps! 🙂

How To Face A Break Up Via Social Media

So, it’s happened. The unthinkable. That beautiful, funny, perfect relationship you were just tweeting about last weekend is over. Oh no! What now?? How do you save face when you just posted a million kissy face pictures with you and your ex boo? I mean, now you have to go and hang your head and let the world now that you have failed again and love don’t live here anymore. But, you don’t want to look like a fool. Here are a few tips to help you successfully survive a break up via social media. FYI, I should have taken my own advice this week…but eh.

1. Step Away From the Meme’s!

Okay, I know how you feel. You are ready to let the world know that you are a good woman and you can hold your man down and you saw the perfect meme for it, but…no. Just no. First, you have to ease your way into letting everyone know you are single again. Bombarding your IG with hateful, yet witty memes may seem like the best way to go, but trust me you will end up looking a little crazy. Also, it will be a bit of an overload. Could you imagine seeing this on your TL?

bitter_o_913120 Funniest_Memes_not-sure-if-sad-about-break-up-or_19367 images images (2) definitely-one-of-the-most-rewarding-things-about-being-divorced-and-happily-single-again-29575

Yeah, psycho! Lol

2. Only One Post is Needed.

You don’t have to constantly talk about your current break up. The less, the better. This saves you on looking crazy and also not getting any backlash. You don’t want every status to be, “F#$% that! I don’t need a man. I got me! I been doing this since day one! You think I need you? Tuh”, “Looks like my weekends are free now! Who wants to take me somewhere? Y’all know I’m free right?”, “Every time I put myself out there, somebody screws me over. Love just isn’t meant for me.” Oh and my favorite, “F*&% this cheating ass bastard! Tell that b&#@# to pay that phone bill!” Lol sorry, that last one may have been a little bit too much of me. But, seriously, just one general post or even just a single…”*sits at the Singles Table* Welcome back” is pretty much all you need. Remember, he is probably following you and one simple comment on a crazy post will send you spiraling. Don’t give him or anyone else any ammunition.

3. Okay, You Aren’t THAT Busy Now

Last, I really hate to see people who did absolutely nothing, socially, before now become a socialite. Come on. Truthfully, you are just at home watching Netflix AND THAT’S OKAY! Acting like you are having lunch dates and dinner dates and after work dates and inbetween nap dates is just ridiculous. This is not making the other person miss you and it is making you look stupid. Just resume to your normal behavior. It’s just less one.

Now, as stated before, I should have followed my own advice. I mean, I didn’t go crazy, but I did do all of these things lol. Well, except the last one, because I really don’t have a life so I can’t even fake that. But I posted a few memes and I did a few posts, mostly sappy song lyrics, but luckily I didn’t get too extreme. The point is so many people say you should keep your relationships off of social media and it’s because of this very reason. You don’t want to look stupid once you’ve broken up. But reality is no one expects to break up. If you are in something that is good and makes you happy, you want to share it with the world. And when you are in pain and hurt, you want to show that as well. But, with this situation, less is the better way to go. A simple relationship status change is all that is needed. All the other stuff is just extra and unnecessary. You don’t want the whole world in your business. Remove your pictures, unfollow, and move on gracefully. This will be unentertaining and catch no one’s eye. Social media is all about the show. The smoke and fire. If you don’t give them anything, they will pass you by and go to the next crazy person posting about their ex.

Sexting: The New Form of Dating? Would You or Wouldn’t You?


So we all know, by now, what sexting is. If not there is the definition above. (Not really sure who is sending out sexual pics on that old ass phone but hey do you!) Anyways, like I said we all know what sexting is and I am sure we have all taken part in the act. Whether it was innocent flirting or straight raunchy, nasty, “you better make sure you send to the right person” type of messages, but we have all done it. Now, my question is when did this become the new form of dating? Seriously, think about it. Speaking from my own experience, like always, I have never received so many unsolicited peen pics in life! And this isn’t after a date or two, this is mid first day conversation. “Good morning. WYD?” “Nothing. Bout to let one go. Wanna watch?” 0_0 It really happens just like that. Not really sure if you guys think that’s a turn on, but it’s not. Especially if we just met. But what gives guys this courage to just be that bold? Is sexting just a normal thing now that takes place between strangers? Is sending nudes the new “check yes or no if you like me” type of thing?

I really blame social media for making sexting such a normal thing. And before I start let me say that I am not against sexting. I think that it is a great thing to be done between couples or significant others. It’s the random people that weirds me out. Now back to social media. You get on Twitter and you will see nudes probably before you see anything else. Whether it is someone who found out their dude was cheating so they leaked their nudes or if someone is trying to prove that they are sleeping with someone else’s girl so they leak their nudes. The fact that nudes can be leaked alone should be more than enough reason to not send them to any random person. But since it seems like it is so abundant on social media, it looks like everyone is sending nudes, so why not? Maybe this is where guys get that boldness from. They figure everyone else is doing it so hey let me do it too. It’s just a peen pic, right? Who really cares, right?

Now, like I said, I don’t see anything wrong with doing this if it is with one person or your significant other, but there has to be some type of rules that take place before sending an actual nude, right?

1. Is this person trustworthy enough to not leak your pics to the whole world?

This is huge! We see it all day long on social media where someone leaks someone else’s nudes. Do you want to be that person? Is it worth it? How can you tell if the person is trustworthy? This is where actual dating should take place. Conversation. You are able to feel someone out if you have a simple conversation with them. And really if you have to ask yourself if they are trustworthy then should you really be sexting them?

2. Time limit.

There should be some kind of time limit before you spread eagle and start using filters. Yes, you may have an occasional drunk night, but seriously you should at least know this person for some time and have conversed back and forth with them before they see the goods. Take it as serious as you would with actual sex.

3. Even Exchange.

This is simple. You should not be the only one sending, you should also be receiving. This will also help you with finding out if they are trustworthy.

I have a ton of other, goofy rules, but I’ll keep those inside for now lol.

Sexting, for this generation, is definitely the new form of dating. When you think about it, how many times throughout the day do you actually talk on the phone? Hold verbal conversations? Now, how many texts have you sent? See the difference?  The fact that texting, alone, is becoming more prevalent in dating than actually talking on the phone you can see why sexting is on the rise. It’s kind of like when phone sex was a big thing and now everyone has just taken a more technical approach. But even though it may be the new norm, it still should be some boundaries set in place. Don’t just send random nudes or messages to someone you just met. It may seem like fun, but after you press send, you can’t really get that back. We’ve all done stupid things, but the continuation of stupidity starts to become ridiculous. Plus, we are older now. Sext with your boyfriend, but no strangers. And men. Please! PLEASE!!! Stop sending peen pics unless your lady asks for one. It really does not have the affect that you think it does on us. Ijs.

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