Happy Valentine’s Day….or Nah?

So, it’s that time again. TL’s will be flooded of “Aww look at what my bae bought me today!” messages, IG will be an army of sappy ass pictures or lonely memes. Yes, good ole Valentine’s Day. The most hated/loved holiday of the year. Why is this the most hated/loved day for me? Because it’s probably the fakest and most overrated day of the year. There shouldn’t be a day that goes by that you don’t show appreciation to your significant other. Yes, you can do something a little extra for her, but the thing that kills me are the ones who don’t do shit year round and then want to show out because its Valentine’s Day. It’s a free country so yall can do what you want, but I really don’t want to see a pic from you saying “He loves me!” when just yesterday he was whooping your ass. Like, nah! He doesn’t love you. But that’s a whole different post. Another thing I think is dumb is ladies and guys using this day to do extra freaky things. Like, why are you waiting till Valentine’s Day to give your man/woman head? Who does this? How old are we? Once again, if you aren’t doing it all year, don’t do it on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t tell me on a regular that you love me, don’t say it on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t eat…nvm, yall get it. Last, but not least I hate this day the most because everything is focused on the material. A girl will get mad about her man not buying her the biggest teddy bear in the world knowing that he may not be in the position to get it. Isn’t the fact that he is there showing you love good enough? I’m not saying every now and then a nice gift is not appreciated, but don’t get too caught up in this Valentine’s Day shit. Don’t let it ruin your relationship because you are looking at “fake love” on social media.

The point of today is….hell, I don’t even know. Just show love all year round and treat today like another day. It’s that simple. So Happy Valentine’s Day…or nah? It’s up to you how you look at this day.